Ira Kalb; Business Insider  February 13, 2013

While the Oscar statue costs roughly $500 to make, being nominated for it can translate to a big payday for the movie, its stars and those associated with making the film.
Winning it can bring in much more. The Oscar is an iconic symbol of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences brand that serves to validate both the movie and talent involved in making the film.

Marketing the films:

When used in marketing campaigns, this validation stamp increases the desire of moviegoers to see the films and the talent being honored. It also keeps the movies in theaters longer boosting box office receipts. And it substantially increases DVD, streaming, download, and cable TV revenues.

Advertising during the broadcast:

Advertising on the Oscars broadcast brings in a big payday for the network that carries the show. This year, most of the commercial time sold out before the Christmas Holiday — commanding $1.7 million to $1.85 million per 30-second spot for the February 24th telecast. That was good news for Disney who owns ABC, the network that will be airing this year’s Oscars — the 85th Academy Awards.

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