MC2  collaborated with internationally renowned make up artist Gina Brooke, pumping color and contrast into her website and introducing new tools to keep her business fresh and current .  MC2 completely re-branded Brooke’s social media presence, launching profiles on trendy new platforms like Instagram and linking each platform for complete inter-connectivity.

We showed Brooke the bliss in wireless living, cutting the wires from her life and assisting in a smooth transition from desktop to mobile business management.  Through a short one-on-one with Brooke MC2 guided her through the simple how-to’s of running a successful, and completely mobile business.

With a new Twitter profile and mobile Instagram app Gina can stay engaged with her followers and connected instantly, anywhere, at anytime.  Weather she’s on a photo shoot with David Beckham or applying Madonna’s a new look for the red carpet, Gina can update her Beauty Blog and connect with clients seamlessly while working.  The facebook needed a ‘face’-lift!  So our creative team designed  beautiful custom cover photos and a custom tabs to showcase all of Gina’s existing and future work.

Our latest work with Gina can be viewed by visiting with daily Beauty Blog updates for all the latest on Gina Brooke .

Brooke’s custom twitter profile can be found at @GBrookeBeauty, and follow her on her official instagram #GinaBrookeBeauty @GinaBrookeBeauty


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