Previews International is the luxury division of Coldwell Banker and has a long history of listing and selling many of the worlds most spectacular estate homes.


While the brand is a leader in luxury residential real estate sales, there is little recognition among the average consumer, particularly when compared with Sotheby’s or Christies Great Estates.


The internet is the number one marketing tool for home buyers and therefore what better medium to facilitate interaction with a broader range of consumers? MC2 created an editorial style blog that integrates  great homes and the Coldwell Banker Previews agents who list them. These editorials also feature the architects, interior designers, landscape architects and the entourage of creative and design professionals that influence the way we live.

As part of the ongoing brand luxury awareness process, MC2 developed the concept of as a tool for individual agents to use as part of their own marketing outreach.

The domain name Previews Inside Out reinforces the brand promise and delivers insightful interviews with celebrities and icons of style, and introduces their co-marketing partner, a luxury furnishing website.

The sites content is updated on a bi-weekly basis and an e-blast is sent to several internal and external databases of approximately 200,000+ recipients. Content from the site is re-purposed for Coldwell Banker Previews International social media outlets and vice versa.


Since it’s launch in 2011, has become one of two premiere lead generating sites for the brand’s master website, the other being the International Micro Site that focuses on key countries also developed by MC2.

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